Clinics and Services

Clinics and services we offer

At both the Lyme Regis Medical Centre and at Charmouth we offer access to the following Clinical services.

  • General Practitioner – The GPs offer both face to face and telephone appointments, home visits (housebound patients only) and some minor surgery including steroid injections. They also deal with completing medical forms for patients, numerous medical assessments including for insurance and driving, requests for letters, requests for sick notes and reviewing blood test results and letters from other providers.
  • Pharmacist – The Pharmacist offers both face to face and telephone appointments for adults over 18, and can help with complex medication queries, long term condition reviews including hypertension, heart failure and diabetes, medication reviews and minor illnesses, and can prescribe where necessary.
  • Nurse Practitioner – The NPs triage the urgent daily appointment requests, offer long term condition review appointments including Asthma and Diabetes, cervical smear appointments, minor injury and illness appointments. NPs are able to assess, diagnose and prescribe for undiagnosed health problems and refer to secondary care where appropriate. They offer appointments to both adults and children.
  • Practice Nurse – The PNs offer appointments for wound dressings; INR checks (anticoagulation); dopplers (leg scan); baby & travel immunisations; NHS, Carer & learning disability health checks; travel vaccinations; removal of sutures and staples; some injections including B12, Shingles, influenza, and pneumococcal. They also offer appointments for long term condition reviews including diabetes, asthma, hypertension and heart failure.
  • Health Care Assistant – HCAs can offer face to face appointments for Phlebotomy, ECGs, Blood Pressure checks, INR checks, and some injections including flu and B12’s.


 Please see the information below on the wide range of healthcare clinics and services we offer our patients.