a cartoon image of medications, the NHS Dorset logo and the words #HelpYourNHS   Prescriptions for 35 minor conditions are no longer available in Dorset.  Please visit your pharmacy instead.
12th Jul

Prescribing over the counter medicines - #HelpYourNHS

In line with NHS England recommendations, NHS Dorset has asked GP teams across the county to stop prescribing medicine and treatment for 35 minor conditions.  Medications for these conditions are readily available at your local pharmacy or supermarket. 

This will release thousands of hours of clinical time to enable your GP Practice to focus on caring for people with more complex needs, increasing patient access.

Find out more about this by downloading and viewing the patient information leaflet here>>

Or visit the NHS Dorset website:

a word cloud made from patients most repeated comments
4th Jul

Last quarter's Friends and Family Test Results

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) has been developed based on national NHS guidance to help GP practices improve patient experience, allowing our patients, carers, and loved ones to leave feedback on their care and treatment.  Patients are asked to consider: “Thinking about your most recent visit to our Practice, overall, how was your experience?” 

We are pleased to publish our quarterly results ending 30th June.  Over the past three months, the Practice received 954 FFT responses.  From these results, we learned that 96.9% of these respondents said their recent experience visiting the Practice was Good or Very Good.

Visit our Friends and Family page on our website to read some of the positive comments received from our patients>>

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their views.

a receptionist
15th Mar

New Phone System Implementation - week commencing 18th March 2024

As part of our continuing commitment to improving patient access, we are pleased to advise that we are installing a new and improved telephony system at our Lyme Regis and Charmouth surgeries.  This upgrade optimises patient access and simplifies communication, enabling us to serve you better.

Key Benefits of the New Telephony System:

  1. Enhanced Patient and Staff Experience: The upgraded telephony system is tailored to improve the patient and staff experience, ensuring smoother communication and efficient handling of enquiries.
  2. Effective Call Volume Management: We understand the importance of addressing high call volumes promptly.  The new system is equipped to handle increased call traffic efficiently, minimising wait times and improving accessibility for all.
  3. Access to Call Reports for Improved Services:  Detailed call reports generated by the new system will give us valuable insights into call patterns, peak times, and service demand.  This data will enable us to identify areas for improvement and refine our services.

Our dedicated telephony engineers will work diligently to install the new system with minimal disruption to our services.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period.

the NHS logo and the words, Don't get caught out by the bank holiday weekend.  Order your prescriptions in good time.
15th Mar

Don't get caught out by the bank holiday weekend

Spring is in the air and there's another bank holiday just around the corner, which means one thing – remember to order and collect any repeat prescriptions. The Easter Bank Holiday is one of the busiest periods for the NHS. Our surgeries and some local pharmacies will have limited opening hours which can make it more difficult to get medicines at short notice.
We reminding people who take regular medication to prepare for the upcoming long Bank Holiday weekend and to order prescriptions as soon as possible to avoid any complications or delays.
Using our GP online services is the easiest way to order repeat prescriptions. Find out more on our Prescriptions web page here>>
a pregnant woman
28th Feb

Diabetes Prevention for women with a diagnosis or history of GDM

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is high blood sugar (glucose) that develops during pregnancy and usually disappears after giving birth. 

Every year in England, out of the approximate 700,000 women that give birth, it is estimated that around 30,000 have GDM. Up to 50% of women diagnosed with GDM develop type 2 diabetes within 5 years of diagnosis with an ongoing elevated risk thereafter. 

To reduce the risk, people with a history of GDM or a current diagnosis you can self-refer to the Healthier You programme. Healthier You is a Diabetes Prevention Programme provided by Living Well Taking Control that supports people in Dorset identified as being at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Find out more here>>

a mother and child with a GP outside his consulting room, the NHS and practice logos and the words, Our practice is working closely with local pharmacists to support you with certain minor health conditions
13th Dec 2023

The NHS Community Pharmacy Consultation Service

Lyme Bay Medical Practice is working closely with local pharmacists to support you with certain minor health conditions.

It may be more appropriate to have your NHS consultation with a trained pharmacist instead of the GP practice. You can choose a pharmacy convenient to you and we will arrange this for you. Your consultation will either be by phone or video call, or you can go into the pharmacy. With your consent, the pharmacist will let us know what happened at your consultation to make sure your medical record is updated.

Find out more here>>

a man and a woman walking outside in winter coats, the NHS logo and the words Get Vaccinated.  Get Winter Strong.  Flu and COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of serious illness in colder months.
20th Sep 2023

Winter Vaccination Update for patients

Cold weather can be hard on our health, so it’s really important we take steps to look after ourselves and each other during the winter months.  Both flu and Covid-19 are serious illnesses and it is important to protect yourself against them this winter, by having both your Covid-19 and flu vaccinations.  They will offer you the best protection this winter.


The national booking system (NBS) for vaccinations is now open for COVID booster vaccination booking requests, and anyone who is eligible is encouraged to book.  Follow this link to the NHS National Booking Service>>  

You can call 119 free of charge to book over the phone if you cannot book online.

We also have slots remaining for our Winter Flu Vaccination Clinics in October.  Visit our Vaccination Information page to check eligibility and clinic dates>>

11th Sep 2023

Winter Vaccinations Information for Patients

It's time to book your flu vaccination!  We have clinics planned on the following dates:

Saturday 7th October – Lyme Regis Medical Centre/ Charmouth – patients over 65 years old

Saturday 14th October  - Lyme Regis Medical Centre – patients over 65 years old

Saturday 28th October – patients aged 18-64 years old in ‘at risk’ categories.

For information on eligibility for a FREE NHS flu vaccine and how to book, please visit our Vaccination Information page>>

a man using an iPad
22nd Jul 2023

Wessex Cancer Trust Online Support

Wessex Cancer Trust (soon to become  Wessex Cancer Support) offers free online services for people and their families dealing with cancer.  Although they currently do not have face-to-face services in the west of the county (they currently offer face-to-face services from their site in Bournemouth), if there is enough demand, they will look to develop a West Dorset site.

In the meantime, to ensure everyone affected by cancer in Wessex can access emotional support, they provide online resources and peer support for you to access at home and in your own environment.

Visit their website to find out how they can support you with a range of free online cancer support services by following this link>>

A screenshot of the Bridgit online support tool
6th Jul 2023

Dorset Council launch new digital support tool for carers

People who regularly look after a family member or friend can now explore resources to support them online using a new tool called Bridgit.

Bridgit allows people to explore free wellbeing, employment, finance and care resources, helps identify what services and community support are within a carer’s area, and informs carers 24/7 what is available to them - including community support and the eligibility criteria for support from the council.

People can also build their own ‘self-care plan’ using the tool. It’s all available at any time of day and without registering first.

Bridgit also provides access to the first part of the carers assessment online, submitting your information to start the process which is then completed by an Adult Social Care Practitioner in person or over the phone.

Visit to access the Bridgit tool.  People who prefer not to, or cannot go online, can call contact the Carer Support Dorset team on the phone to discover the free support and help available.

An extract from the Summer Newsletter
10th Jun 2023

Our Summer 2023 Newsletter is out now!

Take a look at our Summer Newsletter with the latest information on an upcoming COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Clinic at the Lyme Regis Medical Centre site.  We also have news about other upcoming events including an opportunity to learn more about the NHS Dorset Integrated Care Board at a Public Open Meeting arranged by our Patient Participation Group (June 20th) and a Web Wise Session (June 14th) offering help with digital healthcare systems.  

Follow this link to download and view a copy of the Summer newsletter here>>

Parkinson's UK change attitudes. find a cure.  Join us.  New Parkinson's Support Group for the Lyme Regis area.  Lyme Regis Powerboat Club, Monmouth Beach, Lyme Regis, DT7 3LE.  Tuesday 9th May, 2 to 3.30 pm.
8th Apr 2023

New Parkinson's Support Group for the Lyme Regis area

A Parkinson's support group is now available for those living in the Lyme Regis area.  It aims to create a group where everyone can relax and share anecdotes, ideas and wisdom in an informal, comfortable and pressure-free environment. 

A meeting is planned for Tuesday, 9th May, between 2 and 3.30 pm at the Lyme Regis Powerboat Club.  For more information, email or request to join the Lyme Regis District Parkinsons Support Group on Facebook.

Download a copy of the Support Group meeting details here>>

Dr Andy Purbrick
9th Mar 2023

The Pressure Never Stops….

On Tuesday morning 7th March 2023, BBC Radio Solent, broadcast a segment on the day in the life of a GP, featuring Dr Lisa Nayler from the Parkstone Tower Practice in Poole (part of Shore Medical), Afterwards, Dr Andy Purbrick, Joint Chief Executive of Wessex LMC was interviewed about why the system is broken. 

Listen to the broadcast by following this link>>

Wessex LMC represents the voice of GPs and their Practices, operating across the counties of Dorset, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, Bath & North East Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire.




Group A Strep (GAS) is a common bacteria which causes a range of infections including scarlet fever.  Theses infections are usually mild.
8th Dec 2022

Information for patients about Group A Strep and Scarlet Fever

There are currently high rates of Group A strep and scarlet fever in the UK.

Scarlet fever, which is caused by the bacteria Group A streptococcus, is usually a mild illness, but it is highly infectious. It is much more common in children than in adults; it is important that children with scarlet fever are seen by their GP so they can be started on antibiotics. 

We have posted information on what to look out for and what to do on our website here>>

a nurse holding a stethoscope
27th Nov 2022

Information about NHS Health Checks  

If you are a patient between the ages of 40 and 74, you will be invited for a free NHS Health Check every five years. Read more on the NHS website by following this link>>

You may also ask for an NHS Health Check if you are in this age group, do not have any other conditions, i.e. stroke, diabetes, coronary heart disease and have not had an NHS Health Check in the last five years.

Also, anyone aged 14 or over on our learning disability register can have a free annual health check once a year.  Patients on our learning disability register will be invited, but we will welcome requests for a health check on request.  For more about annual health checks to those with learning disabilities, please visit the Mencap website here for some useful information>>

Have you/a loved one experienced local end of life care services?    What sort of care was provided/by whom?   Any comments about what worked well, or could have been better?  Please send comments to Sophie Olszowski at: Thank you
23rd Nov 2022

Have you/a loved one experienced local end of life care services?

Thank you to all patients who attended the Patient Participation meeting yesterday.  As promised, here are the contact details for any patients who would like to send Sophie some feedback or personal experiences on ‘end of life care’ locally. 

Please share any comments about what worked well or could have been better with Sophie Olszowski at:

 There are also comment boxes in Lyme Regis Medical Centre & Charmouth Practice for those who do not use email.

An image with a part of hands around a heart saying Do you look after someone and including the text of the news item.
28th Sep 2022

Calling all Unpaid Carers!

If you help a friend or family member with personal care, finances or any form of help, then we would like to support you to take care of yourself.  Check out our Carer Support page and find out more about Social Prescribing and the support they can provide.