Health Visiting and Public Health Team

This team consists of one Health Visitor, a Community Nursery Nurse and a School Nurse.

The aims of the Public Health Nursing team are:

  • To promote health within all families.
  • To provide support, advice and guidance in all aspects of emotional, mental and physical health
  • To recognise and identify areas of need within the community
  • To provide support to families during periods of stress and ill health
  • To work alongside other professionals and agencies in a variety of different settings.

The Public Health Nursing Team offer this support through the Universal Healthy Child programme which includes:

  • Antenatal visit
  • New birth visit
  • 6 week contact
  • 10 month developmental assessment
  • 2 year developmental assessment
  • Reception Class health review
  • 10-11 year height and weight assessment

There is a Health Visitor drop-in clinic for families  which is held at the Children’s Centre, St Michael’s School, Lyme Regis: Wednesdays 2pm-3pm where help and advice is available for all queries, concerns and problems. Extra home visits or confidential consultations may be arranged at any of the above appointments or clinic or can be booked by contacting us.

Health Visitor telephone number – 01297 446114.

The school nurse service covers five primary schools and one secondary school within  Lyme Regis, Uplyme, Marshwood, Thorncombe and Charmouth, where help and advice to children of all ages in health education and sex education is offered, as well as drop-in clinics at the schools.

School Nurse telephone number – 01297 446115.