Lyme Regis, Lyme Bay and Charmouth Locality

Patient Participation Group Meeting

Date: Monday 17 October 2016

Time: 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Location: Lyme Regis Medical Centre

In Attendance:Alison Robinson – Service Manager LRMC

Sarah Hill – Practice Manager Kent House

April Boyle – Practice Manager Littlehurst Surgery Charmouth

Joanna Bazalgette Guest Speaker – Wessex Academic Health Science Network (iSpace)

Nicola Pettitt – Physiotherapist

Maggie Beart – Occupational Therapist

Joanna Scotton – Age UK

Deborah Simao – Minutes Secretary



Representatives:         Daryl Turner, Ross Pritchard, Cynthia Studden, Caroline Powley, Sue Hewett, Adrian Robinson, Dave Edwards, Shirley Williams, Hazel Reid, Gillian Roach.

Apologies:                   John Donlon, Sue Puddicombe, Belinda Bawden, Diana & Rob Bailey,

Angela Newton-Taylor, Adrian Ragbourne, Jenni Thomson, Margaret Dannatt


Joanna Bazalgette (W.A.H.S.N.  iSpace)


Alison Robinson opened the meeting by introducing Joanna Bazalgette (Dementia Consultant), formerly of The Alzheimer’s Society, whose group provides health related educational programmes in particular iSpace and how they work together with GP Surgeries to make them a Dementia Friendly Practice. It is a free service supported by the CCG. It has been identified that 850,000 people have been diagnosed with, or are in the process of being diagnosed with dementia (40,000 in Wessex, of which 14,000 are in Dorset with numbers growing all the time).  iSpace is based on a programme by Royal College of Nursing and has been adjusted for GP surgeries, as opposed to hospitals. The aim of iSpace is to allow people to feel they can use communities and have the support they need once they have been diagnosed. Each Practice accredited as Dementia Friendly will have at least one Dementia Champion to keep the work going after being accredited, and who will participate in the Dementia Champions Network Group to help adhere to best practices and to help continuity of care. First meeting of Champions Network Group will be in Poundbury at the beginning of November and hopefully one further west at a later date.  iSpace encourages identification of carers and supporting carers of those with dementia. Joanna also mentioned Wayfarers and Dorset Advocacy Service which has a specific dementia department. The proximity of Lyme Regis was discussed and Healthcare Devon and whether patients could possibly use both Dorset and Devon services.  iSpace also encourage the use of ‘Personal Care Plans’, and ‘This is Me’. JB outlined how crucial these are.  They can be obtained from Alzheimer’s Society (available to surgeries at a cost of £5 for 25). Also suggested surgeries make their own ‘memory information packs’. JB explained the importance of making the surgery environment more user friendly for dementia sufferers – with more natural light, the use of colouring (for example on toilet seats and grab rails) and the importance of signage. JB talked of a D.E.E.P. Group (The Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project) to be set up so Dementia sufferers could themselves have a say in what they want GP surgeries to do. It was stated that Lyme Regis community support is excellent and is working towards being a dementia friendly community.

April Boyle – Practice Manager Charmouth Surgery – spoke with us about the walk through and recommendations made in order to make Charmouth dementia friendly. Suggestions from iSpace included new signage, de-cluttering, iSpace training and review of antipsychotic medications. Also discussed was the changing of read codes to “Carers of someone with dementia” – and the possibility of telephoning someone with dementia on the morning of their appointment.

Caroline Powley offered to be a dedicated volunteer to help people with dementia to come to the surgery.

We spoke of a Home Safety Falls Prevention event run by POPPS and Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue, a home safety event at The Marine Theatre 9.30-12.30 Wednesday 19 October.
Joanna Scotton AGE UK

Joanna offers a toenail cutting service on behalf of Age UK on a Monday 9am – 1pm at Lyme Regis Medical Centre. A private toe-nail cutting service costs £25-£30 and Age UK are able to offer this service for £12.50.  There is an additional charge of £12.50 on patient’s first visit to cover the cost of their own set of clippers.  When someone calls her for their first appointment there is generally a two week wait until they can be seen.  Thereafter, people usually attend every 6-10 weeks.  There are leaflets in reception and Joanna can be contacted directly on 07817 568416.  She also attends in Charmouth Surgery, in the Community Room.  Joanna is happy to see anyone in the area – not just patients of LRMC, Charmouth and Lyme Bay.  If patient develops issues whilst on the programme, Joanna can refer to podiatry.

Nicola Pettitt – Physiotherapist LRMC

Nicola spoke of the new Self-Referral Service to Physiotherapy that is now available to patients.  Referral forms are available from Reception or can be found on-line through our website.  They need to be completed and returned to us.  Patients will be offered their first appointment within 4-6 weeks.  It is not quicker than a GP referral, but just a different entry point.  50% of physiotherapy patients now come in through the self-referral system and is available to patients of all three surgeries.  Patients can subsequently be referred onwards to the Hydrotherapy Pool in Axminster (excellent for knees, hips and back pain) – this would be free for six weeks and thereafter payable.

Maggie Beart – Occupational Therapist for the Commuity.

Maggie began by outlining the service that is offered.  She works three days a week and Katy Edmunds works two days a week.   In addition to seeing patients in their homes they also provide the service in nursing homes, e.g. washing, cooking and bathing advice.  They provide and suggest adaptive equipment to enhance patients’ lives, help them adapt and prioritise and come to terms with realising what they are capable of.  OT’s have access to six intermediate care bed in Lyme Regis Nursing Home which helps to prevent hospital admissions.  Their aim is to get people back to a level that is supportable to their safety and satisfaction within six weeks.  Patients can self-refer to Occupational Therapy through their direct line 01297 446117.  She spoke of Safe and Independent Living (SAIL). It is a Dorset-wide partnership between local authorities, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, Dorset Police, voluntary organisations, local groups and services, Dorset Energy Advice Service Centre, Age UK and the local health service.

  • SAIL can provide people with additional support, services or information, including: Fitting free smoke detectors and having a home safety check;
  • A home energy check and information about grants for insulation;
  • Benefit checks to ensure that people are receiving everything that they are entitled to;
  • Debt advice;
  • Signposting to local social opportunities such as lunch clubs, exercise classes or learning centres;
  • Signposting to falls prevention services; and
  • Support to live a healthier lifestyle.

LRMC run a six-week “Better Balance Course” – patients need to be referred through their GP.  It is run by a Health Care Assistant and supervised by Maggie Beart.  It was noted that this course was rated as outstanding by the CQC.

Finally Maggie spoke briefly about IT technology;  because of the age demographics of rural Dorset is was perhaps not particularly appropriate for the majority of our patients.

Sarah Hill – Practice Manager Kent House

Sarah spoke of Lyme Bay PPG meeting who looked at “Health and Wellbeing in the Community Day” next springtime to increase awareness for people in Lyme Regis.  It was generally felt that it would be a good idea for all three surgeries to be involved and it would bring together organisations to represent Health and Wellbeing in the Community e.g. Fire and Safety, Healthy Eating, Blood Pressure etc.  In Adrian’s absence it was suggested that he might like to pull it all together.

Online services 

We spoke of the need to promote the use of online services by our patients.  All three separate PPG’s shall discuss and bring together ideas at next PPG Locality meeting.

Self Care Week 2016

We ran out of time at this meeting.  To be discussed at next meeting.

To close, Alison Robinson asked how people felt about this meeting of all three Surgeries.  It was agreed that it had been a very powerful meeting and should continue – perhaps every six months.