Booking Patient Transport  – Telephone – 0300 777 5555

From 1st October 2013 you, or a nominated person on your behalf, will need to call the Dorset PTS (patient transport service) to book your own transport.

Please contact the Dorset PTS as soon as you get your appointment.  Before you ring please make sure you have a pen and paper, your NHS number, you can ask your GP surgery or a health professional who is treating you and they will be able to provide it for you.

Your telephone call will include a brief conversation to determine if you are eligible for transport and whether you have any specific needs for your journey as medical conditions change over time.

Your telephone call is confidential and if you need assistance with the call, a nominated person is able to make the call on your behalf

Trip Community Transport

These services are available to people unable to access public transport due to where they live or because of physical difficulties. Schemes often use volunteer drivers, provide cars or wheelchair-accessible transport and may be able to give some assistance to passengers from their house to the car and back.

Advance booking is always recommended. They make a charge based on mileage, payment is usually required at the start of the journey and receipts are given so eligible patients can reclaim costs of some journeys. Some schemes also make a booking charge – this will not be refunded.

Please call 01404 46529 or visit for more details