The Physiotherapy Department is based at the Lyme Regis Medical Centre. Any doctor or member of the clinical staff may refer patients to this service.  You can also self-refer by downloading and completing a copy of the referral form below.

It is preferred that patients are seen in the department but if that is not possible home visits can be arranged. We are also involved with the rehabilitation of patients in local residential and nursing homes as part of the Intermediate Care Service.

In Physiotherapy we treat a wide variety of conditions, mainly musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, sports injuries or arthritis. We will assist recovery following fractures or surgery and provide walking aids or supports if they are required.

Please access Physiotherapy by either your GP or by completing our self-referral form. Once your referral is received by our team you will be contacted with an appointment.

Once the examination is completed the therapist will discuss their findings with you and agree a course of treatment which may involve exercise, manual techniques, acupuncture, electrotherapy or hydrotherapy. This is all backed up by advice and exercise to practice at home.

A member of our Physiotherapy staff carries out hydrotherapy at the Flamingo Pool, Axminster. This is a course of approximately 6 weekly treatments once a week lasting up to one hour, using warm water to aid exercise and improve mobility. If you have any questions regarding the Physiotherapy service you can contact the department on 01297 446105.

Back pain self-help guide

Physio self referral form