The Occupational Therapist is Mrs Claire Degan.

The Occupational Therapy Department (OT) is based at the Lyme Regis Medical Centre. Patients do attend the department but the vast majority are visited at home. The OT department also treats residents in local residential and nursing homes as part of the Intermediate Care Service.


  • Via GP’s, District Nurses or other health professionals
  • Patient self-referrals
  • Referrals by friends, relatives, neighbours though patients must be aware of the referral

Aims of Service:
Occupational Therapy aims to maximise the ability of the individual to manage daily living tasks including:

  • Personal Care
  • Domestic Tasks
  • Leisure Pursuits

with the provision of equipment, aids, adaptations and help with rehabilitation as appropriate.

Following receipt of referral the patient is contacted and offered an appointment with either the OT or one of the OT assistants, depending on the nature of the referral.

Urgent appointments are available if required and late visits up to 5.00pm are offered by the Occupational Therapist four evenings per week.

Following an assessment the OT staff will discuss a range of options involving equipment or rehabilitation. Information relating to aids, gadgets (for purchase) and local voluntary agencies and support services can be provided. Rehabilitation is offered for an agreed period of time and reviewed regularly.
If you require further information regarding the OT service you can contact the department on 01297 446117.